Saturday, May 26, 2018

The Orange Man

It is said that our elected officials are simply a reflection of us. The orange man in Oval Office is no different. His mastery is that he recognized it and fueled the fire. We are not a healthy country. For a good amount of time we had our differences but we had respect for each other. The orange man has made it ok for that respect to go out the door.

Example 1 - The orange man referring to NFL players who don’t stand for the National Anthem “maybe they shouldn’Be in the country “ There is no way that’s ok to say as the Preasident but the orange man gets away with it.

Example 2 - a headline today. GOP representative loses endorsement after he says it’s ok to refuse to sell a home to gay people.

Example 3 - three friends were riding on the coast highway in the bike lane when a car repeatedly swerved into the bike lane with the intention of running them off the road. He is a surfer who was driving to his surf spot. Ok it’s getting really dangerous to ride outside in the USA. Most of that is caused by cell phone distraction. It’s more than that though. I’ve personally been yelled at by more drivers this year than I can remember in all the years previous. There is a angst in the air and cyclists in tight clothes are becoming the target. I say for our part we have to step up our game of riding defensive.

All three of these examples are in the last 48 hours. The orange man did not start this. It’s been building over time. The orange man is simply bringing it front and center to the world media and making it ok.

The other day I made a hand signal while riding my bike telling the cars behind that I was moving into the left lane so I could turn left at the upcoming stop sign. A car pulled up to me after I moved over and the guy started yelling at me telling me I should indicate my intentions much sooner. I smiled at him, apologized and said I would do that from now on. He was full of shit by the way. My smile and apology was simply a way to deescalate the tension and show him respect.

I think if we just get back to respecting people and showing the respect we can win in the end. It won’t answer the differences but it can bring some of the tension down. Do that and ignore hype about the orange man. It’s his goal to be in the headlines all the time. We need to stop reading the headlines.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Is Ironman Done as a Race?

The recent USA Championships in Woodlands Texas were a disaster. That is if you are an old school triathlete looking for great competition. Ironman at least in North America has gone the way of the marathon. It’s a participation event more than a race. At the 2018 LA Marathon 232 runners ran under 3 hours. 8,000 or half the field finished in over 5 hours. At 5 hours it’s participation. The LA Marathon is a for profit business and they don’t care about fast times. They want numbers. Ironman for that matter is the same thing, they need numbers. But the one thing Ironman has different is Kona. How does Ironman rectify the Woodlands race with Kona? I have a solution.

  1. Designate Participation Ironman races - The goal here is finish. The rules are simple, wear a helmet, obey the general corse rules passing on the left, speed zones etc. Draft if you want. No Kona slots and No Legacy qualifications. 
  2. Kona designated races - All Current rules apply. 
  3. A USA Championship race can’t be a participation race. 

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Yoga Challenge

I was laughing with my wife yesterday. I was asked to submit a passport type photo for my London Marathon credentials. I showed this picture to Mary and said “I’ll just use this” This is actually our son of course.

I’ll admit that I always look at myself as being younger than I am. I look around at others my age and feel proud of the way I take care of myself. That said age does win and it’s winning lately. I decided to do something about it. I started using Sufferfest long ago for my cycling. Earlier this year I downloaded the Sufferfest App. I was surprised to see yoga videos. I started using them daily. Then I listened to an interview with David Goggins who said he cured all of his aches and pains by doing yoga every day. So I committed. I’ve stuck to the stretching and mobility videos.

Tomorrow Sufferfest starts a yoga for cyclists challenge. 30 days of practice. In the challenge the emphasis is on the strength aspect of Yoga. I like that so I’m doing it. I will report on the results regularly but while here I’ll talk about results to date.

The one yoga pose everyone should learn and perfect is downward dog. When I started in January I could do downward dog with bent knees and on my forefoot only. Today I can do it with straight legs and I’m one half of one inch from putting my heels on the ground. What does that do for me? I wake up today with almost no soreness or stiffness. A dramatic difference from January. Since January I’ve flown to London then home, then to NYC the following week. This past weekend I flew to Rome spent a day in there then flew to Amsterdam. Spent 1 1/2 days there then flew home. Still no stiffness waking up. Each flight is followed by yoga.

If you are waking up stiff, download Sufferfest and do the Yoga. It’s 15 minutes each segment and it works. Do the cycling if you want but do the yoga.