Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wasp Sting

This picture was taken roughly 30 minutes after I was stung by a Wasp while out running. Can everyone out there promise me that if you are with someone who gets stung by a Wasp, even if they say "I'll catch up", that you will stop to make sure they are o.k. I was running with 3 other guys. One idiot up front pushing the pace with no care about anyone else and two other fairly decent guys and none of them stopped. Even when they turned a corner on the trail and looked back, saw me walking clutching my mouth, they didn't stop.
Let me tell you what can happen if you are allergic to stings and you get stung in the lip.......Death!
Lucking for me, I'm not allergic. But damn, it was painfull!
By the way, I wrote a note to myself later that day to never run or ride with said idiot again.

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