Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wherever ego, I go!

The quote in the title comes from Chuckie V. Read his Blog, it's really funny some times. More on the quote below. The picture comes from Running Central in Peoria, IL. I think I used this picture before. I post it because that is my final destination on this next trip. First up it's Mary, Marco and I heading to Normandy. I am ready to be completely humbled by that experience. From Normandy I head to NY where I will resume my on line chatter. NYC is all about running, running shoes and runners. Not in that order of course. It's always about runners first. Then finally to Peoria to visit Mom and hopefully show her some totally cool places to live.

The quote "Wherever ego, I go" is timely. If you read my 2009 goals you know ego plays a big roll. Ego as in I don't want it. That simple statement is so true and can get you in so much trouble. Chuckie refers to your ego and pacing. In generaly ego pace is much faster than your ability and eventually you fail. That is true in life. The big egos normally fail. I don't think the way of the big ego is sustainable. So why go with it in the first place. Easier said then done I know.

Normandy, here we come!

It's a good life....


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