Sunday, October 19, 2008

Goal Update - October 20th

Ah, the power of the Islands. This picture is from our trip in Panama.

One thing my Dad pointed out to me in my goals is that I should use spell check. He's right, I'm a terrible speller. It's not a lack of knowlege, it's a lack of detail. I'll put that as one of my short term fix it goals. Spell Check!

The first week into goals is usually fairly easy. They were set based on things going on in my life so there should be work towards them. I'll touch on a few. Next week Mary, Marco and I are heading to Normandy. Over the weekend they watched the Longest Day in preperation for our trip. We can't wait to share that new experience together. I'll be the tag along there. Those two history buffs will be crazy excited. Straight from there, I actually leave from Amsterdam, I head to New Yor for a few days and then to Peoria. The plan in Peoria is to take my mom to a few of the nursing facilities that have open space in the near future. The ultimate goal is to show her that they are not the nursing homes she has in her mind. She can have all her stuff and live her life, just with someone close if she needs it. We'll see what happens though she may not even let me in her house after the car stealing incident.
The other goals are in progress as well but not super defined.

One note on Global Warming. It's obviously a factor. This time of year in Germany used to bring Snow. Last year we received only two days of measurable snow and it was gone in less then one day. I bring this up because this past weekend was great in a warm way. Each day started below freezing but warmed up into the 50's. Our backyard is wide open and the Sun sits on it all day. Both Saturday and Sunday Marco and I spent at least an hour in the back passing the Soccer ball to each other. He's working on trapping and hard crisp passing. It was great to be in the back in shorts and a t-shirt and to be sweating. Seriously though I hope for Snow for Germany. It's better for the land and better for the people. They love the snow and miss it dearly.

It's a good life....
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