Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Training through the harsh winter.

On Monday I woke up to sore arms and low energy. The fin camp workout from Sunday had killed me. 30 minutes into the workout we had already done 20 X 25 with 100 dips and 100 push ups for the rest. My motivation to jump into the water was low. I turned on the computer to find the winner of my Facebook contest. I had decided the third person to send me their workouts would win. Chris from Indiana sent the story below. It motivated me to head out the door to the pool. It was cold (40's) and raining. I got to the pool (outdoor pool) and the heat was off. Cold water, rain and I though of Chris. I got in and did the masters workout. I would not have done it had Chris not sent me his note. Maybe his note can motivate you to get outside and get it done. You'll feel better, I did!

Chris Hubbard February 21 at 6:26pm

Instead of complaining about the snow, ice, and lack of perfect training weather; this week was about embracing the weather. Sunday's are usually for long rides but with another round of winter blues I opted for a good day of snow covered trails. (Yes in case you're curious, I made sure the trails were frozen as to not rut out a good trail.) I thought my winter/off season training was going well until about two miles into my mountain bike ride. Nothing like a slick, snow covered trail to set your legs on fire right out ot the box. I covered the 11 mile trail in about an hour and a half but spent the rest of the day feeling the burn. Plus, it's hard to not like a day on the trails with friends even if it is twenty degrees out.

I made it out the next morning for my usual 5k training run but it took more time than usual as the snow and ice made for less than sure footing. It did however keep me on my toes watching my footing. Living in Indiana you must have a wide selection of base layers/outwear to train year round unless you're happy on a treadmill.

The next couple days training were done inside as things began thawing out and the trails and roads were both soupy. Inside isn't always bad; I got in some yoga and core strength workouts at my local gym. I really like Jason Lezak'- Weight Training for Swimmers program (found online at bodybuilding.com). Nothing wrong with a solid weight program.

Saturday, the sun was out, the roads were clear and with the right layers I was able to get in a couple hours on my road bike climbing my favorite roads. It was in the high twenties but I was pretty toasty. Several times I thought to myself that I need to include more mountain biking, the climbs on my road bike seemed easier after last weekends ride. I think it was more mental than physical but hey, sometimes that's the difference... Outside enjoying the snow vs indoor spin class... Climbing a tough hill on the road bike vs trying to make the next uphill section of trail... giving it your all vs giving up.... Like I said sometimes the right mentality makes all the difference.


It's a good life.....


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