Monday, February 15, 2010

Why Triathlon and Triathletes Rule

If you get injured there is always one to two other sports. The winner this week is Cathy Hlusak Lee, from Minnesota. Yet another freezing cold training area today. Cathy won because it was Valentine's Day and I decided the first girl to send me a story wins!

From Cathy

This winter I am trying something entirely new. It didn’t start out by choice, really, but rather because I had a nagging running injury that I really needed to take care of and a lack of swimming prowess that has cost me too much lost time at races. I pretty much stopped running for a few months while increasing my swim yardage. Before I did this, my typical week included 3 swims, each about 3200 yards. Now my typical week includes about 25,000-30,000 yards of swimming. I even hit 35,000 once! I have started to incorporate more running back into my schedule lately since I am running Boston in April, but I’ve really started to enjoy swimming! I never thought I would say that. Getting faster has helped – I knocked about 10 seconds per 100 yards off my regular swim paces – and I’ve also been blessed with great masters swimming coaches and groups who make swimming more fun. I plan on continue this high-yardage pattern for another month and then start ramping up the cycling more. The main event for me this year will be Kona in October.

It's a good life....


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