Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week of 5/10/2010

A good week. But just as I have a good week, I prepare to board a plane for an across the ocean flight. Bratislava, Slovakia. I'm sure I'll have a new run to tell you about in pictures.

Monday - Took an early flight to Seattle. Martin Franklin the CEO of Jarden (Parent Company to K2/Zoot) was in town as part of his 10 - 10K's in 10 days tour. So I ran a 10K on Monday night. With a missed turn, back track and then finishing pace with Martin I ran 40:14. No I was not brown nosing the CEO just felt his pace was good enough since I missed the turn.

Tuesday - Shoot do my lets hurt and although Zoot Compress RX is the bomb the new Thermal Compress RX on a 55 degree morning is an error in judgement. I should have gone with shorts. My legs were sweating so much the sweat went into my shoes and gave me hot spots. Still I managed 80 minutes of running.

Wednesday - Back in Cali I headed to the pool. 75 minutes of mind and arm numbing swimming. In the afternoon I did 45 minutes of core work at the track while Marco and the Team did 10 X 400.

Thursday - Sucked it out on the bike. 45 minutes is all I could manage. Fatigue getting to me. Somehow though I managed 50 minutes running with Chris the Compress RX guy. I'm glad he was willing to run my pace.

Friday - Attempted Swimming again but my head wasn't in it. That and there were like 40 people in my lane. Darn it if I'll ever go to a Noon Friday workout again. Or I'll suck it up and move into a faster lane.

Saturday - I took Marco to practice so I thought I would join in. This was an endurance day for them so in kid running that mean's warm up, 1.5 miles tempo, 4 hill repeats, 2 miles tempo, cool down. Marco kicked me out of the workout on the 2nd hill. He said I was pushing the pace too much. I just don't think he wanted me around. In the afternoon I headed out on the bike. Just a steady effort but not nearly as long as I wanted. Good to be on the road though.

Sunday - Watched the Encinitas Triathlon. Kind of wishing I was racing instead. Great race between Luke and Macca. Toe to Toe the entire way until the sprint finish. After watching that I headed to the pool. Great workout there. Just stayed focus on the task and gutted the swim out. 4100 yards. I think that's the longest swim workout this year.

Weekly total was 9.5 hours. Seems like a bunch but no where close to true training rate. Felt good and the body responded well.

It's a good life....

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