Saturday, May 8, 2010

There is a stress brewing

Once you live outside of this country long enough you notice how things are different here. Over time I think the biggest difference other than general culture is the stress. The USA is full of stressed out people. And maybe it's just how we are. We don't know any different. I'll give two examples from yesterday.
1. At the pool I was swimming in the not fast lanes. In fact I was leading the slowest of the not fast lanes. There were three lanes and the workout called for us to do the same workout on the same interval. Which means the three lane leaders left the wall at the same time. Well except the guy in the faster lane. He left 3 seconds early every time. The only reason he's doing that is because he's stressed about making the interval. It's a workout my man. The workout is supposed to stress your muscles. You are much too stressed about the interval.
2. My second example comes from the Grocery store. Long after the person in front of me at check out had paid her bill she asked if she could have her rewards card swiped. There are way too many rewards cards to start with but she had to have this one done. The woman at check out had to say yes. So she did the swipe and sent the women on her way but then she had to spend a long time making everything look right on her side. Void the first sale, re do it etc. Meanwhile I'm standing there with my $3 Burrito. She is obviously getting anxious because it's taking too much time. She looks up at me with trepidation, saying sorry and I just smile and say no problems. The relief that melted down her face was priceless. She was just almost stunned that I didn't throw a fit.

I leave you with Zen. Treat every interaction with others with kindness. Like the grocery store clerk.

It's a good life....

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