Wednesday, September 3, 2014

That First Pair of Running Shoes

I love Pandora - Songs I've never heard before hit me.

My first pair of running shoes: After a few weeks of running in my beat up Nike shoes I bought my first pair of real running shoes, a pair of New Balance. Those shoes became a part of me. I ran in them every day and I wore them to school every day as a badge. Yes, I'm a runner. There is a  picture in my senior year yearbook of me in my Izod shirt, jeans and my running shoes (those running shoes). I ran in those shoes until the sole was worn off. They had cost me so much  that there was no way I could really afford another pair.

Last night was the Fall Sports meeting for parents at the School. Sign in, pay the donation and then listen to the AD and the CC Coach talk about the life of a student athlete at SDA. I talked to the parents I knew. The Dad of the #1 runner on the team. He's not a runner, and he's so excited to watch his boy run. We have that bond of talking about what if's for the season. By the CIF meet he and I will probably be holding hands in nervousness for our boys. That meet determines who moves on to the State Meet and both boys are aiming for State. Getting to the State Meet in this huge state is quite an accomplishment for a runner.

I met a father on Friday at the team Time Trial. He had never seen his son run and wanted to watch his son run the mile. He had these questions:

  1.  What's a good time for the mile
  2. How many boys make the Varsity Team
  3. Wow your son looks like a runner, how long did that take
I told him the mile time doesn't matter. What matters right now is that he finishes, feels good about himself and has fun. The Varsity boys are a select group but they are an inclusive group. If your son accepts running and shows he really wants to learn, the Varsity boys will encourage him and include him, When my son was a freshmen a Senior Varsity runner took him under his wing and showed him the way. It's how this team operates.

Last night I asked this Father how his son felt about his mile on Friday. His answer:

"We went out Saturday and bought a real pair of running shoes"

It's a good life....

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