Monday, September 1, 2014

Running Form: Feet or Head and More Ironman Training

This past weekend Alistar Brownlee ran away at the Edmonton Grand Final Triathlon. It was great to watch him run the entire 10K. As I watched the running form debate raged in my head. If you broke his gate into two parts and watch his feet and then his upper body there is absolutely no reason for him to run so fast. His feet twist as they mange through to toe off. His upper body looks as though he's trying to sit down. It's weird to watch. But the other things are working.

  1. His body is still - There is no bounce in his step.
  2. His cadence is high. I didn't count but he's running 90+ cadence.
  3. His arms are relaxed and driving.
  4. His head is perfectly aligned over his body.

So the question is fix his flaws or let them be. I'm confident that if we put him in slightly forward lean he would slow down. His form, his natural form works for him. The video below is from last year. It's a better video to show his running form then the video from the weekend. He's a great athlete to watch run. He shouldn't be fast, he should be injured all the time and yet he is fast and his only injuries are from pushing his body too hard.

Did another long one with my friend training for Kona. We road 80 miles on Saturday and were done by 11:00am. It was great to get out early and get it done. Not once did I step out of comfort. I kept the entire ride in front of me and made it fun. He and our partner were upset that I called Super Bikes for the ride. He does not understand just yet how long he will be sitting in Aero position in October. I forced him into aero often on Saturday. He'll thank me.
It's a good life....

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