Friday, May 16, 2014

Five for Friday: Random Thoughts

These are just 5 things on my mind right now. 
  1. Tell someone “it’s great to have you in my life and why.” Especially that boss or coworker you are angry with right now. You won’t be angry anymore after the interaction.
  2.  Move – Stop sitting at a desk, sitting in a car, sitting in front of the TV and move.  Every hour you sit, stand up and do 10 ass to heel squats or 10 pushups or 20 Jumping Jacks. Most of the time I do all three.  I think I owe this idea to
  3. Sleep – It will change your life. I turn off screens at 8pm. No TV, No Computer, No Phone. I am constantly turning lights off in the house at this time too. I read a magazine not my kindle or play my guitar. I roll out my body. I sit on the floor and play with the Dog. I have a cup of tea.
  4.  Wake up Early – I get more done between 5am and 8am then I do the entire rest of the day. On any given morning, I talk to Germany, talk to China,  empty my inbox, write in my journal, walk the dog, talk to my wife as she gets ready for school, visit with our son as he gets ready for school and do 30 minutes of some type of workout. Then at 8am I leave for work. 5am on Saturday and Sunday and an entire new world will open up.
  5. Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in grass. Electrical charge or just a feeling of freedom. There simply isn’t anything more relaxing to me than doing this daily. Yes, I do it sometimes in the middle of a run. But I also do it when I walk the dog and when I do it I naturally breath deep.
IIt's a good life….

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