Monday, May 26, 2014

Week in Review: Germany-Home-Germay

 This picture was taken 3 hours after I got up. It's 6am in Cardiff. I got up at 3am because of jet lag. I had been home from Germany for two days and the USA Zoot Sales meeting was starting this day. Better to pull the hat down and get busy rather than worry about sleep.
 It was a busy few days for Zoot. This is just a random picture taken from my phone. It was not planned. Hopefully come July-August and beyond many other people get this exact same view in the Ali'i 14.
 The thought of jumping on a plane to Germany was mind numbing. Pull the hat back on and get focused was the theme. No need to worry about what lays ahead. Just push the crap out of my mind and focus on the task at hand. This trip could ease the tension on revenue needs. Let's just focus and get it done.
I walked out of baggage claim at the Frankfurt Airport and walked toward the hotel shuttle area. The walk brought back big memories and then I saw this patch of grass. Both a smile and a tear formed. In 2007 I did this same walk. At the time, I was pushing one cart and pulling another. Each cart had a large dog crate and each crate had one of our dogs. I had been in Germany for 3 months and on this trip Neptune our Black Lab and Scout my running partner were moving too. After 11 hours on the flight and probably 18 hours of total stress they were about to be released out of the crates. I opened them up put on leashes and walked across the street to this patch of grass. Neptune the calm happy lab squatted (yes he was a male but he was tired so he squatted) and peed for what seemed like 10 minutes. Scout who was the emotional thinker, just watched. 

I was talking to a co-worker the other day. I don't even remember the subject. She said "Wow you lead a great life". I just smiled and said yes, it's a good life…...

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