Friday, May 30, 2014

Five for Friday: Where To Run

A few weeks back I helped this woman with her running shoe needs. I'm not sure my advice worked but at least I tried. I was fascinated by her twitter account @readeatwriterun and then I found her Blog. She and a few other bloggers started this Five for Friday and I'm playing along. I am a week behind them but it's still playing along.

On Tuesday I was on this beautiful run with my friend Marcus when I started thinking about this post. He and I were running along the river in Heilbronn, Germany and I was having a tough time coming up with more places I really have to run. It's not just where I want to run but with whom. So here's my listing.

  1. Vietnam - With Mary and Marco - I don't know why I want to go there but I do. 
  2. Nepal - With Marco I simply want to see those mountains up close. I've run in offshoots of the Himilaya in China but being up close and personal fascinates me. 
  3. Alaska - With my Friend John Clark - John is the main buyer at Skinny Raven and his stories of running in Alaska have always made me want to run there with him. 
  4. Beirut Lebanon - This would be with Mary because there is no way I'm going there without her. My Dad like me traveled the world for work. He said Beirut was the most beautiful city he ever visited. I have to go there and run. 
  5. Cape Town, South Africa, I want to meet Professor Tim Noakes, and run in that city. 
Right now I have no idea when I'll get to do this. I've run in so many countries I could end my running tomorrow and be fully satisfied with what I've done. At the same time people aways ask me why I'm still running and my answer is always "Because I can". So as long as I can run I'm going to dream about running around the world and these are 5 destinations that intrigue me. 

It's a good life….

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