Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Top 6 Podcasts

Things to stop doing: Watching TV, Watching or reading News, Listening to Podcasts - This is a paraphrase from a guy who has a podcast. I found it funny that he said essentially don't listen to me.

Like reading blogs or books, I listen to podcasts for inspiration, motivation and learning.

  • I listen in the mornings when I walk the dog
  • I listen on my bike commute to work
  • I listen in my car when nobody else is with me. 
My favorites are: 

Dave Asprey - He does a great job interviewing and has a really good variety of guests for my three criteria above. His Brain Octain is the bomb too. 

The New Man Podcast - Simply awesome for any man trying to get his head out of the sand. My only wish is that he would do his podcasts more frequently. 

Rich Roll  - He's a vegan with a good story. He brings on inspiring guests and doesn't push his vegan ways. He simply is pushing good healthy eating which is refreshing. Hist podcasts tend to be really long so you will need some time. 

Vinnie Tortorich - He never prepares, he's vulgar, he talks about himself often and his favorite topic is the vagina. But he's also quite entertaining once you get used to his patterns. The overall message though is quite good and there are lots of things to learn from the guest he brings on. Case in point is Podcast #259 where he and Dr. X talk about the top 5 drugs on the market prescribed by doctors. 

Tim Ferriss - He's new to podcasting but already a top on my list. He's best the drunker he gets. We'll see in future but expect him to bring the guests on from all over the body hacking, life hacking and business hacking world. 

Endurance Planet - This is the only triathlon/running podcast I listen too regularly. I like it's because of the coaching content. As a footwear product guy I get to hear the questions athletes have and listen to the coaches respond. There is a ton of footwear insight in this content. I was also a guest on this one which makes it extra special. 

This is not all I listen to. I listen to NPR and Joe Rogan for good content but the Podcasts above are the places I find the most useful information in my quest to be a better Husband, Father and Man. 

It's a good life…..

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