Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Did I Get Here

The Picture above is the lake I grew up in. From 9 years old to 18 this was my home. 
  1. I learned to Swim here 
  2. I learned to fish here
  3. I learned to play hockey here
  4. I chased girls here
  5. I got chased by girls here
  6. I fell through the ice here
  7. I've never been so cold in my life than one winter night on this lake. 
Monday I stopped by this lake put on my wetsuit and swam from one of end to the other and back. Probably 1.4 miles in total. When I was young I would have never swam that far. It took half a day to go there by boat. Of course we had to stop and cast for fish. So the thought of swimming that far was out of the question. When I got back to the beach some young kids were waiting for me. They said Wow, good job, how far did you go! I told them and they were shocked. I would have been too at that age. I told them I grew up on this lake and wouldn't change it for anything. They just smiled. 

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