Sunday, June 2, 2013

Training with a Family

Today on slowtwitch there was a post from a guy complaining that his wife was asking him to start doing shorter races and cut his training from 12 hours per week to 6. My first thought is that is not what she is asking for.

I am no expert at this and I have faltered many times but this is what I do.

  1.  Eat dinner with the family at the table every night but Tuesday. Tuesday one of us takes our son to Cival Air Patrol and whichever I do take him or not I run.
  2. I Swim 3 days a week at 5 am
  3. I cook dinner or provide dinner 3 nights per week.
  4. I ride 4 days per week. Twice on the trainer. Once during work and Saturday where I am home by 9am.
  5. I run 4 days a week. Sunday is the only day I train with others. Long run with the boys.
  6. I make breakfast for our son every day and Don't miss a track meet.
  7. When things coverage family is always first and training last.
  8. I travel more than most and never miss a day when I travel.
  9. The hotels I stay in are either near a gym or have a gym. When I travel I go hard. 
  10. The time I spend on the sport of triathlon is at's part of the job.
It's a good life....
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