Friday, June 14, 2013

Top 6 Athletes of 2013

I'm not an expert, I'm a fan. A fan of people who put their head down and succeed. It's what I strive to do in everything I do. These are my favorite athletes who have done the same so far in 2013.
  1.  Fabian Cancellara - if you watched this man ride Paris Roubax this year you would understand why he is #1 on the list. A simply amazing athlete.
  2.  USA Soccer - Team USA is not only going to qualify for the World Cup next year they will be ranked as a top team. Go USA.
  3. Chris Derrick - I met Chris when he was a senior in High School. He worked at one of the best running stores on the planet, Naperville Running Company. Chris ran with us, listened to our story and was simply fun to be around. It's so good to watch him succeed. The US men finished 2nd in the World Cross Country 12K, in Poland this year. Thanks in part to the hard work of this young runner. 
  4.  Mary Cain - I don't like talking about high school runners unless it's my own. Mary Cane deserves mention. She ran 4:05 1500 meters and under 2 minutes for the 800 which is world class.
  5. Tim Duncan - quite simply the best. Ever heard of Tim in the news for contract talks, crime, anything but basketball. He might win his 5th MAN Championship this year. The man is pure class and all heart.
  6. The Doc - Notice I don't have a triathlete on this list. Spring is simply a prelude to the Fall Championships. There is no sense in picking a hot athlete today because it has no bearing on what will happen later. Instead I pick the coach. He does more for his athletes than most you hear about. He not only coaches them he fights for them. Here he is fighting for his athletes. I fully agree with what he's talking about. The ITU style of racing is good but it can be so much better. 

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