Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Birthday Workout

My Birthday is on the horizon and it dawned on me that I don't have a Birthday Workout. I'm not sure If I want one but I'm interested in the the thought of a fun and challenging workout. I've participated in others and although I think they can be a bit crazy they are fun at the same time. Below are a few examples. I wonder if anyone reading this has one they want to share?

Mark Montgomery - Mark was one of the best triathletes in the early days of the sport. More importantly he was one of the characters that helped mold what the sport is today. I'm sure he still has some sort of Birthday bash workout but he would do a triathlon in his years, with pushups added in. For instance if he turned 35 he would do 35 X 100 in the pool, ride 35 miles, run 35 minutes and do 35 pushups.

Mike Rouse and Michael Jacobs run their age on their Birthday. I've run with Mike Rouse in Kona, Hawaii on his special day. I ran 22 miles with him, he was running 58 I believe. I ran the last 22 miles with him. He ran an up and back route on Ali'I Drive. Being the nice guy I am I gave mike the best or flattest part of the road. I ran on the steepest cant in the run. My hips hurt for days from that effort.

I have time to think something up. Neither of these really excite me all that much. But maybe!
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