Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Healing art of Injury Prevention

Runner, triathlons, cyclist, swimmer or just about anybody with aches and pain can benefit from the items pictured above.

Golf Ball
You spend a great deal of time on your feet. If you run you are doubling the effect at least.You also wear poor fitting and maybe even poorly designed shoes. Each morning when you wake up spend two minutes rolling your foot over a golf ball. Start with light pressure and work your way over time to more pressure.You are looking for the parts of your foot that hurt. You want to work that pain out. It is said that Laird Hamilton can stand with all of his weight on a ball. A good goal to have.

Lacrosse Ball
This used mostly on my calf and Achilles. I sit cross legged and use the ball to find the tight areas of my lower leg. Once I find one I use the ball and the pressure of my hand to roll the pain out. The ball can get to places that other things can't. Especially along along the side of the Achilles.

The Skate Wheel Roller -
I like this to roll out my calf. Sit on the floor with your legs extended in front. Put the roller under one leg at the Achilles. Cross your other leg on top to apply pressure. Roll from there all the way to the top of your calf. Still and really work where it hurts.

Orange Roller
Roll your back out. Lay on your front and use this to mash your quads. Works great on the IT band. Can be used like the above roller on your calf but it's not as effective. If you are only going to do one of these things buy one of these rollers. You will find your own uses for it.

The Yoga Strap
Perfect to stretch the hamstring. Lay on your back. Loop a foot with the strap, bring that leg up to stretch your hamstring and use the strap to extend the stretch. You can do the same thing to stretch your hips, groin and your upper body swimming muscles.

Use all of these tools to remove the small tightness that left unchecked can turn to chronic pain or in the athlete it can lead to injury.

It's a good life….
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