Monday, May 5, 2014

5 Things I Learned at Ironman 70.3 Saint George

Saturday I participated in Ironman 70.3 Saint George for the 2nd year in a row. The lead up and race itself went much like last year. Here are things I learned.

  1. You can't fake bike riding on a course like St. George. - I ride my bike but not well enough to race that course. Like last year, I was fast when the course allowed fast and I was spinning up the hills. Snow Canyon the monster hill felt easier and shorter. 
  2. Enve Wheels are really well built. I'm used to the sound my Zipp wheels made on the road and the Enve don't make that sound. In fact they make no sound at all. 
  3. Bike Fit is everything - My P5 fit to my body was so comfortable. It was a total pleasure to ride. Sure the P5 is a Super Bike but I believe it's more the fit I have that makes it the best bike I've ever ridden. 
  4. My running is the best part of my fitness. It was hot, really hot on race day so over the first half I simply managed the heat and the big hills. I was not running fast but steady and good form. Then over the 2nd half I picked it up. I negative split by over 3 minutes. Part of that is the course for sure, and part of it is the 1st half pacing. Looking back I know I could have paced it differently and run faster but it was a decision to hold back and finish strong that I went with and am happy with. 
  5. My nutrition was spot on. Pre race I had  Bullet Proof Coffee, a bottle of Amino Acids 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis . During the race I had a 300 calorie bottle of a mixture of Generation UCan combined with 100%MR/Muscle Synthesis and on the run a 100 calorie bottle of the same. I drank water when I was thirsty and I had 4-5 swigs of Coke on the run. That's it. No Gel, No bars no Salt Tablets. My energy levels were perfect, my head was always in the moment and no gut issues during or after the race. 
On my daily practice of Journalling I write -  I will Celebrate Success and that I will Love Food. At about 4 pm I was starving so I went back outside in the very hot sun, found a Habit Burger and had my favorite meal of all time, a Double Cheesburger, Fries and a Coke. Loved every bite of it. 

Finally I rolled across the finish line for my brother Bob and ALS. I honestly believe that rolling is the most important thing I can do on race day and it's why I keep getting slower. It's not my age, it's not my training (Ok maybe I could fine tune that) it's my need to make sure I cross the line with a roll. Rolling is an emotional deal. There will be more racing to do but there will only be one Bob. 

It's a good life….

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