Thursday, October 22, 2009

Your Carbon Footprint

There is lots of talk these days about limiting your Carbon Footprint. Makes sense from an environmental standpoint. Today I was listening to one of my current favorite bands Modest Mouse. Highly creative song writers. This line appears in one of their songs. It's great how they used the topic of today and put unreal meaning to it:

"Someday you will die somehow and someone's gonna steal your carbon"

The point is yes, do as much as you can to limit your Carbon Footprint. Stop driving, recycle, travel close to home (funny coming from me) and give back (clean a beach like Mary and Marco did on Saturday). But it's bigger than that.

Between now and someday you are you. On someday you will just be carbon. What are you going to do with the time between? It's what I'm asking myself right now. Goals on the way!

It's a good life....
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