Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cross Country

I am blessed for many things in my life. Far and above is the feeling of what I get back from my 11 year old son. I know my job is to lead and guide but I learn more from him than I think he learns from me. Below is all Marco. Grab a tissue and read.

The gun
the bang
all the cheers

the blood pumping in your head
in the heat you go and fly

blurring past everything in your path
the churning and burning of your feet
the sweat dripping out of every pore

in the heat you charge up the hill
the hill cowers in front of you
as you obliterate it

the final stretch is always the hardest
up the last hill
your feet are churning and burning
faster than ever

the cheers from the people
on the side lines
the finish has people begging for shade

the time is good
you are worn out
but you do it again
your shoes are ripping as you get faster

that is a cross country race
Marco Jewell

It's a good life.....
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