Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Born To run

On the NY Times website today there is a blog about barefoot running. Apparently it was in the LA Times yesterday. Now on Xtri.com there is a coach (doesn't it seem like there are as many triathlon coaches as there are triathletes) telling you the scientific reasons not to jump into barefoot running just yet.
Folks this is a Fad. A guy wrote a book about the indigenous people of Mexico and he adopted their way of doing things. It works for him. But it's a Fad. It has yet to be proven that anyone doing serious training, Ryan Hall for example, can do this all barefoot. Come on folks be serious. When was the last time you read a book and did everything that book told you to do? Why now? Why Barefoot? The shoe companies have been lying all this time. Those bio-mechanic labs at Nike and adidas are just fronts for the truth. Shoes are a waste of time. But we have to sell shoes so we'll market the hell out of them anyway and fool everyone. The funny thing about this is a company older than most who makes outersoles (the rubber bottom of your shoe) is cashing in. They made a goofy shoe because they could and sold it to high mountain outdoor shops as camp shoes. Now because of this barefoot thing, they can't make the darn things fast enough. Vibram rules! What great bio-mechanic wizards they were.
Here's the truth from my side. For 15 years or so I've done roughly one workout a week barefoot. I do a warm up "in my shoes" to a local grass field (beach works well too). I do strides and some kind of strength work then I put my shoes on and cool down. 15 years, no foot injuries, actually no running injuries. None-ever. But who am I. Go the book store, buy Born to Run, follow it and be free. I have an even better idea. Go to Itunes, download Born To Run - The Springsteen version and rock and roll away. They said Rock Music was a fad too!

It's a good life...

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