Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wheels Up!

That's about what I know right now. I'm sitting in the airport waiting to board the 8th flight of this new year. I will have hit eleven by nest Tuesday. I used to like the idea of flying somewhere new but right now I'd rather maybe not be flying. I'm heading to Salt Lake City to meet with the magazines about new shoes. I did this exact same trip one year ago. Same City, same people, different brand and a much shorter flight. It's all a bit strange to me.
With all of this travel I'm missing stuff. I pride myself with getting stuff done and I'm far from that right now. The only thing that is getting done, is the sale of more shoes. If life were about that than I would be winning at life right now. Life however will never be about shoes. Shoes pay the bills but that's about it. I would hate to die tomorrow and have someone say "Dave was the best shoe man".

Salt Lake City here I come. Thank goodness I know the city well, know where all the 24 hour fitness centers are and know where the good food is. Home tomorrow night for 3 full nights in my own bed.

It's a good life....

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