Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Zoot Stuff

I was thinking about this idea. When I was at Road Runner Sports I received inspirational stories weekly that motivated me and motivated the entire Road Runner Sports team. I want to get back to new stories to get inspired and also to inspire everyone else. So the way I thought of doing this was to ask weekly for your swim, bike and run totals and the stories that go with them. Once a week I will pick a story at random, post in on this Blog and the person will get free Zoot stuff (or maybe just something free sitting in the Zoot office. We get lots of stuff).

I will post weekly reminders on my Facebook page. Invite your friends to be my friends so they can play along.

I'll remind everyone that you don't have to be a stud athlete to send me your results. You simply have to get outside and do. You will send your weekly results and stories to

It's a good life...

PS. Zoot does not sponsor me or this idea. It is simply the company I work for and maybe just maybe, this will morph into something we post on the Zoot website. Why not right?
Your story will shared with our o.k. only. Everything is for my eye's only unless you release it.

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