Monday, May 19, 2014

Week in Review: 7 Things

  1. Fire Sucks
  2. Consistency in my travel. Chicago in February blizzard, Boulder in April  Heavy Snow, Munich in May Cold and Raining. 
  3. Running on jet lagged legs sucks but man does it feel good. I got up on group run morning after 3 hours of sleep and just did not feel like going. I went and came back refreshed and ready to execute the final day of the sales meeting. 
  4. I love really good sales managers. They will fight you all year for what they want but when it comes time to selling they put blinders on and pitch. There is no better then our German Sales Manager. 
  5. Breakfast in Europe is the best in the world. 
  6. Sleeping flat in business class is priceless when you have to perform when you land. I slept flat my partners did not and it showed. 
  7. I remember flying in to San Diego as a child and the awe of everything in this beautiful part of the world. I still have that feeling every time I fly home to San Diego. Love this place! 

It's a good life….

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