Friday, May 2, 2014

13 Blogs I read Daily

13 has always been my favorite number. Funny as it is, Mary and I share that number.

Running and Triathlon

Joe Friel - No better in cycling than Joe. What a gift he is to our lives.

James Walsh - James came to Triathlon and crushed it. Then on to cycling with the same result. Now he's taken up Ultra Running and it's a great adventure to follow. And if you are looking for the next Beer to serve at a party then this is a good place to start.

The Sports Scientists Generally after any big race I go to them for their analysis. They are brilliant in what they do.

Bree Wee I started reading Bree when we lived in Germany. I've followed her life. She's now a friend. What I like about her is she keeps it real. She puts it all out there.

Japan Running If you didn't know it, Japan is a massive running market. This is how I keep up on all things Japan Running.

My Head and Body

Gordo Byrn  I started following Gordo when I lived in Germany. His writings and stories about his life and racing where epically written. There was always great head or body information. Soon after, I hired him to be my coach. I think a younger Dave would have thrived under his coaching but the older Dave struggled with the time commitment. It was a fight between the schedule, my travel and my family duties. The coaching was not the problem my decision to try it all was. Gordo is still keeping it real and coaches me daily. Not professionally but through his writings here.

Seth Godin a daily dose of marketing/business/life wisdom.

Mark Sisson if you ask who I want to emulate when I'm 60, it's this guy.

Gluten Free Anna  Gluten Free can be great tasting and Anna brings it.

In-Q - Simply amazing, inspiring and keeps the it all real. Just listen to the story of the 85 year old woman on the home page.

Running Shoes

Run Blogger he came along with the minimalist world. He was a professor at a university and now this is what he does for a living. I don't agree with everything he writes but again that's why I read it.

Run Ran Run A bit of edge, fashion and passion for running.

Running Shoe Guru - Another like the Run Blogger

It's a good life...

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