Monday, June 2, 2014

No Taste, No Energy Hit the Reset Button

I landed back home on Wednesday of last week in a wreck. Two trips to Germany and two sales meetings later this was my state:

  1.  8 pm was the most I could get out of my body. By 8:30 I was very crabby. 
  2. No Taste - Since I got back from Germany the first time I couldn't taste anything. Or better yet I couldn't enjoy the taste of anything. Nothing at all. 
  3. Water - The more I drank the more I felt dehydrated. 
  4. Soreness - Like I haven't felt in a long time. Sore back, tight legs, even my head was sore. 
  5. No Energy - Even when I was awake I was not in good form. 
So what do I do when it comes to this? 

  1. Sunday Massage - Even he felt my pain at points. 
  2. Fasted - I had a small light dinner Saturday and had lunch Sunday afternoon. Nothing in between. 
  3. Ice Cold Water - Normally I drink room temperature but on this day it was Ice Cold. 
  4. A standard in the Jewell house for dinner. 
They say it takes 1 day for every hour of time change. I did 9 hours of time change twice in two and half weeks. Nothing was working the way it should. As the Massage Therapist said "Your organs shut down, your fluid is all whacked and your brain has no idea what time it is" 

If I didn't stop and reload with the 4 steps above I'd be in this state of fog for at least another 9 days or so. This reload is my way to fast track the recovery of all these trips. 

Now don't think for a minute that these trips are worthless. 

Monday - I road for 2 hours with two former European Professional Riders - It was good hard fun. 
Tuesday - I ran with my buddy for exactly 1 hour on a path every runner in the world would kill to run on. It wasn't this awe inspiring beautiful path but it was peaceful always in the shade and flat. 

It's a good life….

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