Friday, June 6, 2014

Five For Friday: Five Tips to Raising a Son

As our son turns sixteen in the next month or so I thought it would be good to put some time into 5 things I've learned in raising him.

  1. Be consisten with your values - Since day #1 we have been consistent with teaching him not through force but through example what we value. He's a great example of what we hold dear. 
  2. Listen intently to his stories - His perception is amazing. He often is trying to tell you his stories as he is simply trying to get you to engage. He can change your mood and thought process through this. It's quite magical when you recognize this. 
  3. Let him choose - We introduced him to a great deal when he was young and then we let him choose his path. To my amazement he chose running. 
  4. Be Stern - There is no need to be easy with him. As long as you regularly show love and he feels that love, he actually appreciates course correction from time to time. I believe course correction without love is a disaster. 
  5. Risk - Boys need to do things that feel risky. The more you show you are willing to do the same thing, the more he will be comfortable with risk. 
It's a good life…..

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