Monday, May 31, 2010

Pain in the Back and the Week that was May 24 2010

Monday - Apparently you are not supposed to drink the water in Slovakia. Who knew? Day 3 of some nasty bacteria in my gut kept me down low.

Tuesday - Longish run. Well I split into two runs and I should have seen Dr. Sheppard instead. First run was 1 hour in the noon day sun. Super heavy legs and that darn root jumped out and tripped me. By the end of the run, my left hip was flaring up again. 2nd run with Marco was torture. The left hip was in so much pain I had to alter my gait just to run pain free. Marco didn't care not should he and set the pace hard. 80 minutes total.

Wednesday - stretch, stretch and more stretch. Then I rode for 60 minutes while Marco had track practice.

Thursday - Nothing but a trip to see Dr. Sheppard. Minor adjustments and pain was gone.

Friday - What was that? Either moving furniture around or just plain swimming my back went crazy. I did a flip turn in the pool and it felt like someone put a needle in my spine. Crap now what. Got out early and called it a day. 30 minutes.

Saturday - Got on the bike to see if riding didn't hurt. It didn't so I rode 2:20 on a great route through the rolling hills. Virtually no cars and that's hard to do in San Diego. Good to be out and about and pain free.

Sunday - Early morning Track meet that lasted much of the day. I was never quite comfortable standing all day. By the end of it I was down right uncomfortable in the back that is. So I resorted to Ice, Ice and more Ice.

Weekly totals: 5 hours of work. That's not going to get me to my goals but neither is back pain. So first step is to rid myself of back pain and second step is to establish a solid strength routine. The older I get the more important maintaining strength is becoming. Whatever wrenched my back only happened because I was weak somewhere. This can be fixed.

It's a good life....

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