Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Countries

This will be an ever growing list I am sure of that. Every country has a story. The following is a list of the countries I have run in and a brief story for each.

North America
1. USA - Next up I'll track the states. After all no single run could sum up running here.
2. Canada - French River Ontario. Fishing with Dad and running. Not much better than that.
3. Mexico - Multiple places but I think Mexico City at 5am is the highlight. The only time you can really run in this massive city is 5 am.

Central America
4. Panama - Running in the park with Craig. Getting "lost" in the run and almost totally missing the meeting.

South America
5. Brasil - Getting Lost in Sao Paulo one Sunday morning. A 45 minute run turned to 2 hours.
6. Argentina - All I remember was feeling like crap on each run. Must of been the travel legs.

7. Kenya - There is one 15K 3,000 foot run that sums up my experience there.

8. Australia - There is only one speed in this country and it's fast.

9. Sweden - Running the harbor on a Sunny afternoon. Sydney, Stockholm, San Diego Harbors starting with S I believe are the best.
10. Germany - Running the Berlin Marathon with my wife is something I'll keep forever.
11. Switzerland - How many times do we run those castle steps.
12. Austria - Much like Germany only hillier.
13. Slovakia - Winter in May.
14. Slovenia - Running and Cross Country Skiing in the same day.
15. Belgium - Yep!
16. Holland - Rotterdam is fast.
17. France - Normandy!
18. Spain - Grenada is special.
19. Poland - Running was not so much fun but being in that country was a total blast.
20. Hungary - A brief dip into the country to say I ran there. It was worth all the car dodging.
21. England - Running London is an experience. Big City runs are a challenge because of stop lights and traffic. Add to that they are driving on the other side of the road makes it a challenge.
22. Whales - Cardiff Whales for that matter.
23. Portugal - Just a place worth visiting.

24. Hong Kong - I've written about that. I'll be there again in June to maybe find something new.
25. China - Lots of running there but the highlight has to be running with my friends, Roch, Heather and Paul in Western China on trails we didn't know, in a land we didn't know and meeting some of the nicest locals in the world.

So that's it for now. 25 Countries of running. I'm very confident the list will grow. Target areas for sure are more in South America, Asia and Eastern Europe. Who knows when these will happen but I'm sure we'll find a way to enjoy running in different lands.

It's a good life...

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