Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Week of May 3rd 2010

Work and travel sincerely kicking my ass. Work because my footwear "Partner" decided he wanted to do Skate shoes. Yeah I ask the same questions. So for now I'm solo footwear guy trying to get it done. Travel, well I'm still rocked from that San Diego-Chicago-San Diego-China-Boston-San Diego in two weeks trip. So with that here it is.

Monday - 30 minutes core strength while Marco and the Team did the real running.
Tuesday - Run test. Perceived effort of 7 which mean's I can go forever "theory of course". 3 miles on the track at this effort. 7:05, 7:00, 6:45. The 6:45 happened when uber fit triathlete Kristen Mayer stepped on the track.
Wednesday - I did nothing.
Thursday - When bike time is limited you must go hard and that's what I did. 60 minutes with a set of 20 X 1 on 1 off. On was at 245 watts or better the off was 180 - 190 watts. On was on off was not soft.
Friday - Masters Swim session. First in 6 weeks and oh did it show. I was fighting the water and the water won. But I swam 2600 yards and that's more than I swam last week.
Friday Night - 40 minute run. Heavy freaking legs. Who knows where that comes from but they were heavy and didn't like moving.
Saturday - Masters Swimming again. 3000 yards this time. Still fighting the water and didn't feel any better. Darn swimsuit is trash too. I reach down one time and notice that the suit is fitting more like board shorts than a performance swim suit. Better find a new one fast. Then we sat in the sun at a track meet. Do you know how long it takes go through the 100meter dash when it's boys and girls 8 - 15. 3 hours. that's how long.
Sunday - It's Mother's Day. So besides stretching and lots of water. Nothing.

Let's call it 5 hours 30 minutes.

It's a good life...
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