Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kowloon Hong Kong

I've only gotten the chance to run this once so far. It was a memorable one for sure. Not because I was wearing Euro 3/4 tights. It was the day I found out my Dad passed away. Although that is a sad thought I look at it this way. He was doing what he loves, playing golf. On the 17th fairway he fell over and passed away. Meanwhile not at the exact time, but close enough, I was running which I love. Although I miss him dearly I somehow know he's happy that I was out running.

It's a flat run. Unlike many runs in Hong Kong, this one has no hills. In fact I added hills by running some stairs midway through the run. What makes this one unique is the view of the city in the distance, the fair like atmosphere at the start of the run and the warmth. I figure you can get a good hour or so on this without getting lost. It's out and back. If you have even a slightly good memory you'll find your way back.

We were staying (I actually never slept there. Just ran, took a shower and got back on the plane) at the Marriott on Kowloon. Out the door to the boardwalk I ran right. Through large crowds at first. It's fair like with lots of things to do for young and old. Once out of the fair district you run along the harbor where the cruise ships dock. Then it's through a tunnel and out into a park. On your right are the busy streets of Kowloon. On your left is the beautiful bay and the city of Hong Kong. On this one run you'll see much of what you think of the Island. Small fishing trollers, large cruise ships, Gantry Cranes that can pick up your house and everything in it. You see the walk of fame, Hong Kong style. One of the busiest ports in the world is within view and mobs and mobs of people. But then there is a point where you are running by yourself. Nobody in sight, just you and the environment that is Hong Kong. I think it's that section that makes this run so special. You know going into Hong Kong or the future trip that you are about to take into China, you are going to be in tight circles with lots and lots of people. Yet on this section of run, through the park there is nobody. Not a sole in sight.

Turn around when you want, finish at the Marriott and let the sweat cool you down as you gaze across the water. It's a special place Hong Kong.

My fancy 3/4 tights. Zoot Compress RX is the only way to run after a 13 hour flight from LA.
You could take any one of a hundred pictures of this city and virtually everyone in the world would be able to tell you it's Hong Kong. It's unique and inspiring.
My favorite statue on the run. I told you it's fair like!
Like the city. I think if you see this picture you know it's Hong Kong.

It's a good life.....
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