Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Story This Week

A few things from my week of life:

1. WWPD - What Would Papi (My Dad) Do is a good way to make the decision

2. The Marketing of the Truth is better than standard marketing that is made up stuff.

3. Ice Baths are the best recovery - "OK that's Weird" - Marco Jewell

4. My 45 year old legs can't get it together like they used to but heck listen to this: Turbo Session Thursday am, Hill repeats (running) Thursday afternoon, Double Peak (The nasty climb) Friday, 65 miles of the best riding in San Diego (Del Dios, Lake Wolford, Old Castle, 395, the base (Twin Oaks Valley) of Double Peak and home Saturday, 19 miles with the San Dieguito Half Marathon in the middle on Sunday.

5. San Diego may be the best place on earth. At least it is this week.

6. I am blessed to have the family I have and the freinds who inspire me.

It's a good life...
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