Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where's Dave?

I've been a bit quiet this week. Partially on purpose and partially due to circumstances. I do a bunch of reading myself and much of my reading this week was on simplification. Simplify your life and things might open up. So with that I have simplified my email beyond belief.

1. Personal Email - All email has been moved or deleted. Roughly 90% deleted. I also unsubscribed to almost every company oriented email. Now daily, that account will be cleared.
2. Zoot Email - 4 folders created - RRS, AA, Action, Temporary. RRS is Road Runner Sports, AA is my boss, Action is stuff that needs my attention. Temporary is that which I may need. Everything else roughly 60% of all my email was deleted. My goal is to have an empty inbox when I leave the office.
3. Facebook - I turned off every alert. Now if I get contact the only way I read it is if I'm on Facebook. No more coming to my email.

This feels like freedom.

More on the rest of my week as I digest it.

It's a good life....

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