Monday, March 1, 2010

What Makes You Strong

Cell Phone: Bad
Apple: Great

Yesterday on a routine trip to see my friends Chris and Janet I learned something. Mind you there is nothing routine about a trip to see Chris and Janet. They are usually up to something. Currently that something is the Marathon de Salbes - Or a crazy 7 day (marathon a day) run through the Sahara where you carry everything you need. That's right, sleeping bag, spare shoes, food for the 7 days. You get it!
Anyway we were working on something we hope to make one day. This thing is nutritional so I needed to learn the program and get on it. Chris thought it would be cool to test my strength reactions to the items. He would place something in my left hand to hold and would have me create a closed circle with my thumb and ring finger on my right hand. Then he would attempt to open the circle. He tested me with nothing in my left hand and then various other things with really no difference. Then he said "Do you have a phone or a watch?" No watch but my phone was in my pocket. We removed the phone and moved it far away and then started the test again. Nothing in the other hand was strong, Pesticide made me week. Whey protein from animal source was stronger than Whey from plant source. Some supplements had no reaction some made me weaker. By far the thing that made me the weakest was the cell phone. So I really question why I would ever want to run with my cell phone. In fact I'm going to get into the habit of taking it out of my pocket whenever I can and setting it away from me. The thing that made me the absolute strongest - The Apple - Pesticide free of course. Go figure, for me the old saying may be right, an "Apple a day keeps the doctor away".

Every time I go to their house, I walk away with something I didn't know before.

It's a good life....
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