Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why Run!

If you don't know by now a young runner was allegedly abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered in the San Diego area last week. She was a high school senior and all she wanted to do that day was run. That's why she was at the park in the first place.

This blue ribbon signifies a solidarity for that young runner Chelsea King. If you need motivation, a reason to get out there and run, Run for Chelsea.

- Run because that's what Chelsea was going to do.
-Run because you can and she can't.
- Run to show her mother and father that you will carry her spirit out there.
- Run to show those sick individuals that you will not let them stop you.
- Run to protect other runners. The more runners there are on the streets and trails the less sickos.
- Run because you have the gift, the gift that is running. That gift that allows you to enjoy the simplicity, the freedom, the energy you gain from every run.
- Run for Chelsea.

It's a good life.....
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