Saturday, October 18, 2008

2009 Goals

The 2009 Goals are here. It's a long process that started roughly 6 weeks ago. The first 4 weeks was reflection. How did 2008 shape up. The last two weeks have been focused on 2009. Where do I want to be in October 2009. So here they are:

1. Put Mom in a happy place - My mother is mentally sick. She currently lives in her own house by herself and she struggles to care for herself. That puts huge burden on my sister Cyndi. The process of getting paper in order has started. Now we have to convince Mom that it's the right thing for her. The real goal for me is to step up and take care of Mom they way she sacrificed to take care of me.
2. Marco - Marco and I are going to learn to do something new together. Maybe it will be riding BMX ramps or Quantum Physics but it will be something.
3. Mary - I want two trips to new places with her and her alone. We have so much fun when we do it.

1. At the start of each quarter I will determine a relationship that needs work and I'll focus efffort to building it better.
2. I will drop the ego and get back to the basics of true leadership through Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof - Leap
3. I will ask for more responsibility when the time is right.

1. We will accept taking additional hits from our mistakes on the move.
2. I will cut frivolous spending - I will only sign up for events I know I'll do. I lost 1000 euros not doing events I signed up for. I will take my own lunch to work and more.
3. I will support Mary in her drive to get back to her passion.

1. I will win my agegroup in a triathlon
2. I will finally write that entire song
3. I will be ego free.

1. I will volunteer somewhere
2. I will be ego free
3. I will continue my spiritual education process through reading.

It's a good life......

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