Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It was 9 miles!

While some people go shopping when they travel (I do some of that too) I go looking for the Sunrise. Here it is in Salt Lake City. I was on some mountain trail just out of town running as the sun came out.

When people ask me how far I ran, I usually come back with an answer that sounds like around 45 minutes. It's always got something to do with time. Here in Germany hanging around all the runner's I am struck by the facination with distance. "Which loop did you do, the 12K loop?" So recently, in my own geeky way I've been running with folks and then listening (then going on google and measuring). Did you know most runners actually run less than they think. I know it probably comes as a shock to you but when you hear someone say I did my 9 mile loop, it may not really be 9 miles. Understand, it's 9 miles in their head. Now yes there are some runners that actually do measure and know that their loop is actually 9 miles. Most others are guessing based on times when they knew it was exactly 9 miles. So something like 8 years ago I had this 9 mile loop and I'd do it in 55 minutes. I ran 55 minutes today so it was 9 miles. The problem in all of that is age. Unless you are a freak of nature, you slow as you age. So 55 minutes today may only be 8.5 miles. My point is not to pick on the runners or not even care that thier 9 mile loop is 8.5. I just find it interesting the way we age. I wonder when that loop will finally become the 8 mile loop measured? When do we accept the age we are and the speed we run. Do we ever accept it?

It's a good life...


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