Friday, December 19, 2008


2008 Rantings

Pork - I've made my statement. When I finally leave Germany I may never eat Pork again! My gosh do the Germans eat Pork. The Grocery store meat department is probably 70% Pork products. The Organic meat section is 90% Pork. The main meat at Stripes (adidas cafeteria), Pork. I guess when you're famous for your schnitzel and your Bratwurst you better be good at preparing Pork. Pork is everyday here.

Snow - I don't know that I really ever ranted about snow except that we don't get enough. Big snowstorm moves through Germany, it snows south of here in Munich, it snows north of here in Berlin, it rains here. Average temperature this winter season 2 degrees celcius and rain. That is not a stated average temperature, that is just what I see on the Bank more than any other temperature. Believe me, I welcome -5 and snow.

Wasp Stings - First of all they hurt. Second they really hurt when your heart is pumping from a heavy pace of running. Finally though, if you are running with someone and they get stung by a wasp or bee, interrupt your run and make sure they are o.k. Imagine the headline "Man dies from Wasp Sting - Running Buddies get their 10 mile 65 minute run in"

Mud - It's been 4 weeks now and there is no end in sight. Mud is daily. So much mud that my mtn bike gearing stops working after 20 minutes of riding. Mud on my face going to work and coming home from work. Mud on the noon run. Mud in the shower. Mud on Scout. Mud on Marco. Mud on the car. Mud in the car. Mud in my ears. Mud up my nose. A freaking wet, cold, muddy 10K race recently. 4 weeks of Mud and Counting.

Fat Men - I really have nothing against fat people. I know people who are afraid of fat people but I am not one of them. But they have not been saved by my ranting. The pool is the main area of concern for me. Skinny swimmer guy vs. large quantities of head up breast stroking fat people. Skinny guy loses every time. One note on head up breast stroke. I also see really fit, muscular men doing it and women who look good in that two piece doing it. Folks at the speed and effort you are swimming those laps you are not having a positive fitness effect. I know it's relaxing but really now, isn't there something else you could be doing. Back to Fat people. Fat men in G-String swimsuits, stay out of my pool please. Finally the good old USA. The regular shock of getting off a flight from Europe anywhere in the USA is a complete shock to the system. America is just plain fat. One last fun point. The family participated the other night in an international get together at the Bowling Alley. One big group, lot's of lanes and food for 12 Euros each. The food, Americana. Most of it deep fried. Welcome to America.

President Bush- Back in January sitting in a hotel in Panama, I watched the State of the Union speech given by George. I watched as he placed blame for the economy on congress, for the slowness of the war on congress for everything wrong with Washington on Congress. He took no credit for the ills of the day. I still believe it was the lowest point of his term in office. Recently though he made up for some of his downfall. His quick reaction to one flying shoe was amazing. It was like he practiced it but of course he didn't. Then he just carried on talking. I was also impressed with the President of Iraq for his reaction on the second shoe but that doesn't compare to the first shoe. Amazing!

Ego - I think this was my biggest topic. Clearly I'm afraid of having a big ego. Chuckie V said it best, "Wherever Ego, I go". Ego gets you knowhere. Maybe it makes you feel good for a short time but you will be a lonely person and that's not what I want to be. So I have vowed to rid myself of Ego, as well as Pork.

Leadership - Oh my what an overused term today. It's so overused some companies use it in a job title. He's my rant. Leadership is not a given title, you earn it. You earn it with your example. You earn it without your ego. Leaders make everyone else around them better. Leaders can make things seem easier. Leaders make coming to work a challenge, a joy, a mission. Leaders do not place blame. With the title you have the opportunity to be a leader but it is not given to you, you have to earn it. This does not mean leaders and whimpering ra ra let's go team people. They simply do everything with the clear indication that it's not about them. Leaders lead people. It's fairly simple.
Goals are my recovery. Goals to be a better husband, father, son and Man. Goals that keep us financially secure for life. Goals to improve on my not so gifted talent to swim, ride and run and goals to relax. Goals make mud easier. Goals make living ego free easier. Goals make life good even when all around is worth ranting about.
It's a good life....

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