Friday, November 1, 2013

The High School Runner Cluster Meet 2

There are runners who start off a race or start off a season with a bang. Then there are athletes who get stronger as the race or the season progresses. Marco is the latter. He's stronger over the back half of the race and he was 15 seconds faster than last week. He's also moving closer to the #1 runner on the team. Another 2 seconds faster and he becomes the new #1. I knew he could get there someday if he wanted. I did not think it would happen when he was a sophomore.

After the race he saw me talking to Steve Scott, only the best miler in US history and coach of Cal State San Marcos. Marco walked up, shook hands, introduced himself and had a great running conversation. I was more impressed with that move than the running.

Two more races and assuming they go well, there will be a third on Thanksgiving weekend.

Personally I am signing off for two weeks. I am headed out on a big business trip hitting a couple states and 3 countries outside the USA.

It's a good life....
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