Friday, October 24, 2014

Five for Friday: I Caused It or Allowed It, Peace, I Love my Brother, Running Shoes and Sage Advice

It's been a wild few weeks and it's time to settle down just. While out and about I've been listening more than talking and in the listening there is great learning:

  1. Shit Happens is a real nice way of saying oh well I'll live with it. But I learned the following phrase and when I apply it to my life it changes the entire outlook. I either caused it or allowed it to happen - Preston Smiles. I look at my job at Zoot. I allowed it to drive me crazy enough to want to leave.
  2. Peace - I was exchanging text messages with a long time friend. She said "Good luck and complete Peace with your decision". I told her I loved that word. She said this "That word has been present as I have been thinking of you through the transition-that wherever you are today, tomorrow, next month that you would be filled with peace" That's true friendship that I cherish and know for sure I need more of.
  3. I am happy for my brother. For 18 months he knew this was not going to end well. He didn't complain, didn't outwardly ask Why Me? But there is no way he didn't suffer. Knowing for 18 months that you are going to die is not a way to live. I'm happy that he did it with grace and I'm happy he doesn't need to suffer any longer. I love my Brother.  
  4. I have been spending the last 8 weeks learning about running shoes. I am astonished by the sameness. I knew it was there but when you dig like I have been digging it's more clear what I need to do next for a living.
  5. Ask them to write it down - Lee Iacocca referring to how to take the emotion and persuasiveness out and get the message instead. I wish I had heard this 12 months ago.
It's a good life.....
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