Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Caffeine Free The Week I Launch a Busines?

I'm a student of the morning routine. I used to marvel at my father and his mornings. Any time I see someone post on a blog or talk about it on a podcast I take notes. It's where my morning cold shower came from. Tony Robbins said to do that.

Recently Ben Greenfield said he goes 3 weeks on caffeine and 1 week off. I've thought often that I drink too much coffee. This week I decided to go caffeine free. DURING THE FIRST WEEK OF THE LAUNCH OF SHOE RANGER! Am I stupid?

Day three is in the books. Day 1 was tough. I had a head ache at 3pm. Day #2 was easy. On both the sleep at night was incredibly sound.

On Day 1 I was waling the dog early in the morning. The other dog walkers asked me how the website was going. I said "We are launching today". They shook their head and said "How can you be so calm?". "No Caffeine"

It's a good life....

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