Sunday, March 13, 2011

Good Stuff In - Good Stuff Out

It's been a quiet couple of weeks. Not really but from time to time I need a break. So back at it with maybe the most random of posts. It all comes down to Good Stuff in Good Stuff out.

Primal Eating - The count now with Primal Eating and maybe a bit of training. 139lbs. September 2010 I was 157lbs.

Reading - I looked in the bookshelf today and noticed a few books I've read this year. I read part of Assholes Finish first. Highly entertaining but sure doesn't fit with Good Stuff In. I put that book down and have since read through:
1. One on One with Coach Wooden
2. The Four Hour Work Week.
Three books to take my mind away.

Email - I continue with answering email at 10:00am and 4:00pm. I try to call people rather than send them an email. And regularly tell people to call me with important things. The funniest one was the email I got on a Sunday and read and answered on Monday at 10:00a.m. It said, "When are you going to China? Set up a conference call for Sunday Night my time." I read that as next Sunday night when I was in China. Nope, I got an email on a Sunday to set up a conference call for that Night. Um, call me if it's that important.

I think the email thing is just taking control of spending more time applying Good Things In.

It's a good life....
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