Monday, July 2, 2012

Where's Dave?

I've received many questions about the Blog. Like why did you stop writing. Simply put I ran out of things to say. Or I had too much to say, I'm not sure which is correct. Anyway today is a short update on my recent travels. 

 You see all kinds of interesting things in China. Tough to see but these are high heels. 
 There was a Level 3 Typhoon in the air. It hit Hong Kong later in the evening. But you sure didn't see it in this sunset. 
 Every day around 6pm in Kitzbuhel it rained. A good solid hard mountain rain. 
 Yes, Austria is Green!
 As my friend Scott said "You expect to see the Peloton riding through any minute" 
 Some people have it rough. This is what they see every day. 
 The many splendid Alps
Every town in Europe is partially defined by its Church steeple. 

It's a good life.....

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