Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top 10 Reasons I'm Still Married after 20 years

This goes out to all the men out there. Tomorrow marks 20 years of marriage for my wife Mary and I. There is no formula to staying married for this long. But maybe the 10 things below will help you in your quest.

  1.  We split the money. She makes her own money and it's hers, I make my money at it's mine. We split the bills and we contribute but never touch a joint savings account. 
  2. I was never good with money growing up. If I had it I spent it, so 20 years ago I gave up any thoughts on being an expert. Mary controls our investing, our retirement and out taxes. She's really good at it. 
  3. We poor our energy into our son. We agree on the values we want him to carry and that makes it easy. 
  4. When our son was born and came home we traded getting up with him every other night. It's the greatest thing I've ever done and I believe it's why today he and I are still very close. 
  5. Mary and I are individuals and have a strong appreciation for each others interests. In our 20 years she got her teaching credential, Master's degree and PHD and has traveled the world. I've done 8 Ironman Races and 100's of other races. 
  6. We go on vacation together often and when Marco was born we took him along. 
  7. We have always had a dog. 
  8. I check my ego at the door. 
  9. I try to listen more than I talk 
  10. I will not walk out the door without kissing my wife and tell her that I love her. 

These all seem really simple but I believe they work. But more important than all of them I think the key is this: I am totally inspired by my wife. She has taught me more about being a man than anyone anywhere. I can't wait for the next 20 years together. 

It's a good life...

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