Saturday, September 28, 2013

The High School Runner and a little Ironman Lake Tahoe Redemption

Last night was the High School Time Trial. A little fun for the team and the families. It's a 5K on the home course (Nasty little course that it is) where the kids race each other and the parents and faculty join in on the fun.

Marco ran well actually faster than last week on a tougher course and placed 4th. That's a great result considering 1st and 3rd are seniors and 2nd is a Junior. By the end of the year, I'm predicting right now he'll be third on the team and may even make it to 2nd barring injury and burn out. But he doesn't know I'm predicting this. He only knows that he keeps getting faster and that he loves the team dynamic.

For me it was a bit of competition 5 days after the Ironman. Not really what I wanted to do but I'm glad I did it. I was conservative on the big down hill start. Stayed out of the middle and eased into the hard pace. There were three men ahead of me at the turn. After the turn I eased my way up to the three men and as the first of the big hills started I eased my way pass them. Once on the really big, steep, nasty hill I hammered away knowing I could created a large gap which I did. At this point I have roughly 1.5 miles to the finish and it was hang on while trying to maintain a high tempo. I started racing the boys at this point trying to hang on to feet as best I could. I got killed by the boys on the long uphill finish but it was ok. I was first adult and in the top 15 overall. Felt great to go hard and and survive. The legs were really heavy most of the way which is to be expected but they responded quite well. Good times for sure.

It's a good life....

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