Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe - You Should be Nervous

That was the quote given to me today "You should be nervous, I am nervous for you".
Here is what I know:

  1. It's going to hurt 
  2. Shit will happen that I can't predict
  3. There will be a point where it will be easier to stop then it is to continue
I have done the training I believe I need to do. Or at least 80% of what I set out to do. I've tried to manage it through being a father, a husband and do my job. At some point I've failed at everything and that's where the 80% comes in. I was 80% in line all the time. There was 20% of the time where I was an utter mess. 

I will post my training after I finish the race. 

What would I have done differently. 
  1. I would have dialed in bike fit sooner. As it is I'll be riding 112 miles on a bike fit I have roughly 100 miles on. Not very smart. 
  2. I would have done more swimming - But I always say that. 
  3. I would have done more riding - But I always say that. 
What have I done
  1. lost close to 15lbs since this time last year. 
  2. Gotten my running back - I feel like a runner again. 
  3. Ridden my bike really hard and I like it that way. 
  4. Dialed in my food. I have no sugar crashes any more. I'm never super hungry. I enjoy food again. 
The all important race day nutrition plan. Here it is. 

  1.  Water - At least one two bottles to any one bottle of anything else. 
  2. Generation Ucan - I like it because it's a slow burning carb. It's tough to mix though. 
  3. Race Day - This will be mixed in a bottle of Ucan and Bullet Proof MCT before the race, on the bike and on the run and at both feed zones. 
  4. Salt Stick - 1 per hour
  5. MCT Oil - I plan to burn fat
  6. Amino Acids on the bike and on the run
  7. Tums just in case
My race plan. Swim - Bike the fist lap steady - Bike the second lap at or slightly faster than the first. Run a comfortable pace for 1.5 laps. Give everything I have left on the last 1/2 lap of the run. 

Until then, I will slow down, ease up and let my body recharge for the effort at hand. 

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