Tuesday, September 3, 2013

High School Runner: It's Cross Country Season

The boys are 5 weeks into cross country training. The first two weeks were camps. One in the mountains with kids from all over the South West. Lot's of hard running and fun at that camp. Then in week 2 it was the team camp. Some hard running but mostly fun on the beach.

The training consists of 3 main workouts and then 3 days of easy running.

Workout #1: Hill Repeats - Each week it's a different hill and it's consistent from year to year. They know what's coming.

Workout #2: Core Work - You have to be strong for Cross Country.

Workout #3: The Long Run - For this one there is no coach. Only you and the team. Marco and the boys meet Saturday mornings. This past Saturday in the heat they ran 13 miles in 90 minutes. The longest our High School Runner has ever gone. All he could say is "It Hurt" That morning he came home ate some food and fell asleep.

As a parent you worry about the workload. You worry that this run may be his last run. I was worried that maybe the 90 minutes broke his spirit. He was a hurting kid and we all know what it feels like to hurt after a long run. But no, Monday morning came around and it was a special day. Goat Hill and 9 times up it. Smiles all along.

It's Cross Country Season! Yipee!

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