Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ironman Lake Tahoe: 10 Things I will Never Forget

  1. Snow falling around the area the day before the race. 
  2. Getting in the water for the swim and finally feeling warm. Not knowing it was the last time all day I would feel warm
  3. Ice on my bike seat coming out of T1 or Swim to Bike Transition
  4. Keeping my speed down in the fast section because faster meant colder. 
  5. My front wheel shaking vigorously on the down hills and finally realizing it wasn't the front wheel but my body going into heavy duty shiver mode. 
  6. Stuffing my Tri Top with Grass to keep warm and having a volunteer stuff grass into the back of my suit for added insulation. 
  7. The laugh from the huge crowd in the village when I asked "Has anyone seen my wife?" 
  8. The volunteer who gave me the space blanket and the hug I gave her when I came back through that aid station for the last time. 
  9. With 400 meters to go I was done with being cold. I took off the space blanket and put my legs in gear. I was not suffering from the effort but my body could not function and shiver at the same time. But with 400 to go my mind took over. I ran fast and got the largest cheer ever. I was a rock star for a minute. 
  10. Rolling across the finish line for ALS and my brother Bob. It's what made me stay in the race. The front wheel shakes scared me and that was 30 miles into the bike. The long super fast hill was yet to come. But I said to myself "This is not hard, ALS is hard" That was my mantra all day long. I knew I would be warm again but someone with ALS only knows that there is no cure. So I rolled across that finish line. 

It's a good life....

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